This Alaskan town won't see the sun for 65 days

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Utqiagvik, Alaska, previously referred to as Barrow, skilled its last dawn and sundown on Sunday for about two months.

The town of about 4,000 individuals is now beginning its 65-day interval of darkness, generally known as polar night time.

Polar night time is a standard time period in places that do not expertise sunrise for more than 24 hours, in line with CNN meteorologist Judson Jones.

"This happens yearly," Jones stated. "For those who stay above the Arctic Circle, there will probably be a day when the sun units for the rest of winter. The good news? It is going to return after which in the course of the summer time when it will not set for days."

Darkness lays over Utqiagvik, a constant sight during the town's 65-day polar night.

The northern third of Alaska lies above the Arctic Circle, the ring of latitude that encircles the frigid Arctic polar region.

Although Utqiagvik is just not the one Alaskan town to experience this phenomenon, it's the first one on the polar night time location record because of how far north it is.

For about one to 2 months, the residents of Kaktovik, Point Hope and Anaktuvuk Move will even be with out the sun. Their ultimate sunsets will occur between late November and early December, based on CNN affiliate KTUU.

The sun officially set at 1:43 p.m. Sunday in Utqiagvik, starting its 65-day hiatus from the city. It will not peek above the horizon again till January 23, 2019.