The Cafe Condo at No.14 Ton That Dam, Saigon


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First revealed October 2018 | Words and photographs by Vietnam Coracle

The previous condo block on Ton That Dam Road, in Saigon’s downtown District 1, has been colonized by cool cafes, hipster bars, style boutiques, and locations to eat. What’s more, gritty and intriguing architectural vestiges lurk in every nook & cranny of this enigmatic French colonial-era complicated. In the midst of speedy city improvement, Saigon is dropping lots of its characterful, previous flats. The irony is that many of those condominium blocks are both vibrant street food zones or have develop into hip icons of recent, youthful Saigon. Virtually nothing else in the city says ‘younger, hipster, fashionable, and sooo Saigon’ than an previous condo complicated riddled with cafes, co-working spaces, boutiques, bars, and restaurants. Saigon’s most famous ‘house cafe’ is at N°42 Nguyen Hue Street. But the condo at N°14 Ton That Dam Road (just a 10-minute stroll from its extra famous sister) has lengthy been a hip hangout, too. In reality, the Ton That Dam house was part of Saigon’s ‘cool scene’ means earlier than the one on Nguyen Hue.

The Cafe Apartment at 14 Ton That Dam Street, Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamThe previous condo at N°14 Ton That Dam has been colonized by cosy cafes, hipster hang-outs & bars

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The Ton That Dam house complicated, which by some accounts dates again to the 1860s but with in depth transforming throughout the 20th century, is a sprawling maze of corridors, exterior stairwells, interior elevator shafts, mezzanine ranges, house models, open shopfronts, darkish antechambers, and cramped courtyards open to the brilliant, tropical sunshine. Its partitions, floors, and surfaces are a colourful, textural collage of supplies: chilly concrete, picket shutters, tiled floors, peeling plaster, exposed brickwork, exterior piping, whirring air-conditioning models, and nests of electricity cables twisted like jungle vines. This compelling and Instagram-ready structure homes an eclectic mix of cool, chic, elegant, and eccentric cafes, bars and boutiques, a few of which might put Berlin or London to disgrace. As a basic rule, anticipate to pay a premium for many things: in any case, this is downtown, hipster Saigon. Here’s a floor-by-floor information to the N°14 Ton That Dam condo constructing.

*Notice: Saigon’s previous flats are in a continuing state of flux: I haven’t listed each enterprise operating out of Ton That Dam on this guide, and a few of the details are sure to vary. A lot of the cafes are open all through the day; the bars are likely to open from the afternoon into the night time.

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N°14 Ton That Dam ‘Cafe House’, District 1, Saigon