[Illustrations] A Graphic Design Project Inspired by Ancient Champa Seductresses

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Apsaras are supernatural feminine beings who appear in lots of works of historic arts in South Asian and Southeast Asian nations.

There is a plethora of myths surrounding the Apsaras in Indian mythology, which makes the narratives behind their origins and functions ambiguous. Apsaras are generally believed to be lovely and seductive feminine spirits who are skillful in "64 ways to please the senses."

In many Champa based-reliefs and sandstone sculptures, the Apsaras are often depicted dancing. Apsara dance can also be an necessary performance in festivals and cultural gatherings of the Cham group in central Vietnam. 

Created by Behance customers Jue ' Ju, Sunny N and Huong Giang Nguyen, undertaking "APSARA . CHAMPA" takes inspiration from Apsaras in historic mythologies and Cham culture in Vietnam to create eye-catching motifs and designs that may be replicated on quite a lot of print mediums.

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[Graphics by way of Behance undertaking APSARA . CHAMPA]

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